BIGBANG’s T.O.P Once Doodled All Over Rapper Swings’s Face — Here’s What That Was About

“Let the boy have some fun.”

One day, out of the blue, BIGBANG‘s T.O.P shared an Instagram story…

BIGBANG’s T.O.P | Radio Star

… featuring a cropped picture of rapper Swings, with silly doodles all over his face.

The original photo of Rapper Swings (left) with his ex-girlfriend (right) Lim Bora. | @itsjustswings/Instagram

Fans couldn’t quite grasp the meaning of the Instagram story, but they assumed the two to be friends — with T.O.P pulling a friendly prank on Swings. Since then, neither T.O.P nor Swings mentioned the Instagram story…

T.O.P’s doodle, posted to his Instagram story. | @choi_seung_hyun_tttop/Instagram

… that is, until now. Recently, Swings took to his own Instagram story — reposting a screenshot of T.O.P’s doodled picture.

| @itsjustswings/Instagram

I think T.O.P-ssi posted this picture about a year ago…

— Swings

Swings’s Instagram story addressing T.O.P formally as “T.O.P-ssi” made it somewhat evident to the fans that the two are in fact not that close — and that T.O.P had actually randomly doodled on Swings’s face back in the day.

| @itsjustswings/Instagram

In a following story, Swings explained, “It didn’t bother [him] back then” and came to T.O.P’s defense. Swings claimed he didn’t mind the attention and asked fans to “not criticize T.O.P-ssi” about the doodle.

It didn’t bother me back then. And I personally like T.O.P-ssi, he’s endearing. But with this resurfacing, I’m worried that he might get some heat. Honestly? I was pretty stoked when he posted this because I was like, ‘I made it to T.O.P’s Instagram, I’m lit.’ So do not criticize T.O.P-ssi about it. I mean, I was basically a meme king back then anyway. LET THE BOY HAVE SOME FUN.

— Swings

Fans are digging Swings’s “super chill” reaction to the whole thing…

… and hope the two can become friends after all!

Source: theqoo