BIGBANG T.O.P’s $13,000 USD Outfit On His Last Day Of Military Service Garners Attention

Fans uncovered the brands and prices of his outfit.

The expensive outfit BIGBANG‘s T.O.P wore on the last day of his alternative service has been garnering attention from netizens.

T.O.P was discharged from his service on July 6th. On this day, he surprised everyone by showing up to work wearing a parka despite the warm weather.


This black parka was revealed to be from the global brand, Burberry, and is known to be worth around 3 million KRW ($2,536 USD). A Korean fashion industry worker explained that the product was a popular item among global fashionistas.


On his way back home from work, T.O.P changed his outfit and wore a suit. Fans agreed that his jacket and pants were from Gucci and his shirt from Haider Ackerman.


According to Korean fashion industry workers, a Gucci suit costs approximately 2.7 million KRW ($2,282 USD) and a Haider Ackerman shirt about 800,000 KRW ($676 USD). He accessorized his outfit with a Datejust from Rolex (~12 million KRW/$10,145 USD).


The total estimated cost of the outfit he chose for meeting his fans was approximately 15.5 million KRW ($13,104 USD)


Meanwhile, T.O.P was overwhelmed with emotion after meeting fans on his day and dedicated his first Instagram post since his discharge to thank his fans.


Source: Newsen