BIGBANG’s Seungri Confirms Military Enlistment Date

We’ll miss you, Seungri!

BIGBANG‘s Seungri has confirmed his military enlistment date, and will be serving in active duty.


YG Entertainment has confirmed that Seungri will be enlisting on March 25.

“Seungri is scheduled to enlist in active duty on March 25.”

— YG Entertainment


Previous news reports stated that Seungri was waiting for the results of the conscripted policeman exam, which were being revealed today. YG Entertainment confirmed Seungri did take the exam, but voluntarily chose to instead serve in active duty.

“After confirming with Seungri, we can confirm that he did indeed take the exam to become a conscripted policeman back on January 7 at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

However, to avoid any misunderstandings, Seungri will be foregoing the results of the exam and will serve in active duty, even if the results of the exam show that he was accepted.

— YG Entertainment


Seungri has been caught up in the entire Burning Sun scandal for the past month. He has even cancelled all of his remaining concerts and schedules. Police are currently investigating all matters regarding Burning Sun, and more details are expected to be revealed soon.

Source: SBS FunE