Police Receive Seungri’s KakaoTalk Chatroom Conversation In Excel File

They are looking into the authenticity of it.

The police have reportedly received the KakaoTalk chatroom conversation that sparked suspicions against BIGBANG‘s Seungri in an Excel file.

According to the police, the Investigation Team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has received the chatroom conversation in question as an Excel file and are in the process of analyzing the authenticity of it. The Investigation Team did not reveal how they got a hold of the file, but it is understood that the file was received through a USB.


A report had previously revealed a KakaoTalk chatroom that included Seungri and claimed that he offered prostitutes to his investors at a famous club in Gangnam. YG Entertainment immediately responded to the reports by claiming that they were fabricated.

Seungri Allegedly Offered Prostitutes To Rich Investors


The Excel file received by the police apparently included the conversation that occurred in December 2015, but it looks as if the Excel file alone will not be sufficient for use as proof for criminal charges as it is difficult to rule out the possibility of fabrication. Lee Sang Jin, a professor of Information Security at Korea University explained that the conversation must be obtained through the smartphone or computer hard disc.

It is difficult for an Excel file of the conversation to be used as legal evidence. The only way is to restore the conversation by obtaining the smart phone that the message was sent/received through or a computer hard disk.

ㅡ Prof. Lee Sang Jin


The Investigation Team is planning to compare the data in the Excel file to the data that was submitted to the AntiCorruption & Civil Rights Commission.

Meanwhile, the police have summoned the main suspects who are related to the Burning Sun case including the police, Mr. Kang, who allegedly received a bribe from the club to turn a blind eye to their entry of minors. He denied all accusations, claiming that he did not receive any money from the club. 

Source: Hankook Ilbo