Seungri Allegedly Offered Prostitutes To Rich Investors

The content in the chatroom is shocking.

Amid the multiple assault and drug scandals involved with Burning Sun Club, Seungri has now been accused of offering prostitutes to his rich investors.

A conversation that occurred in a chatroom consisting of Seungri, singer “C”, President Yoo of Yoori Holdings and Employee “Kim” in 2015 has been revealed.


According to the revealed data, Seungri ordered Employee Kim to “prepare the main seat at Club Arena and bring girls,” while referring to his foreigner Investor “B”. While Investor B was a woman, her acquaintances were apparently men.

Club Arena is a big club in Gangnam that Seungri is known to have frequented. Meanwhile, Seungri had established Yoori Holdings in March 2016 and was in the process of gathering domestic and foreign investors during the end of 2015 to begin various businesses.


According to the chatroom data, once Employee Kim was ordered by Seungri, he replied, “We’ve prepared 2 main seats and added security as well…We’ll take good care.” When Seungri asked about the women, the employee added, “Ones that give well.” It is speculated that this refers to girls who are willing to offer sexual favors.

Employee Kim updated his status and said, “I’m calling (the girls now) but I don’t know if they’ll give. Anyway, I’m trying to get the cheap ones now.” 40 minutes later, President Yoo responded, “I’m preparing the girls now so when the two girls come, help them get to the hotel,” and Employee Kim confirmed that the two men were sent to the hotel. Further details are yet unknown.

Seungri: Kim, do everything Investor B asks. Prepare Arena main seats 3 and 4. Looks like a client from Taiwan has come. Call *** and help him.

Kim: Which girls could I call now. Chinese omg. Anyway, I’ve prepared the seats. I guess B is the only woman.

President Yoo: And Kim, make sure B doesn’t mingle with other people.

Kim: I’ll be right next to her.

Seungri: Do it right, Kim. And don’t make any mistakes.

President Yoo: Someone who can accommodate B, someone who can’t speak English. People like Mr. Lee (current Burning Sun representative).

Kim: We prepared two main seats and sent security too. We’ll take good care.

Seungri: Okay, how about the girls? Ones who give well.

Kim: I’m calling them now but I don’t know if they’ll give. They’d give if it were you guys lol. Anyway, I’m calling the cheap ones. Wow… the size…3 of them are bigger than me. Anyway, I called ** (girl). They’re apparently Taiwanese gangsters.

Singer C: Chinese people like girls who look like they had a lot of plastic surgery.

Seungri: Anyway, do a good job.

President Yoo: I’m preparing prostitutes now so when the two prostitutes come, Kim, lead the way and help them get to the hotel. Two is enough right?

Kim: Yes. I’ve sent the two gangsters.


Seungri and YG Entertainment have yet to make any statements regarding the issue.

Source: SBS Fune

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