BIGBANG’s Seungri Releases His Official Statement About The Multiple Scandals Surrounding “Burning Sun”

He released his official statement.

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BIGBANG‘s Seungri, who was once part of the ownership group of the club “Burning Sun” that has been sweeping the news headlines recently, has finally made his own, personal position regarding the incidents known.


He first apologized for all of the publicity surrounding the issue.

“First, I would like to bow my head in apology to all of the people who have felt uncomfortable or had worries because of the recent issues or incidents surrounding me.

Because of this incident, the past few days have felt like an unbearable nightmare, and I have been in a very flustered state of how to even begin preparing a statement.

I am very sorry for my late official statement and apology being delayed, as there were uncertainties lying within the different information that was related to the truth. Many unexplained statements can grow like snowballs, and become an even bigger misunderstanding, so the people around me believed a hasty, unprepared response could cause more problems. I am very sorry for this.



Seungri then went on to talk about the original assault video that went viral, sparking the entire Burning Sun controversy.

“I was not on the scene [at Burning Sun] during the first incident, that was the start of the controversy. I came to hear about the incident a few days later, when I was told by staff that there was a fight between a guest and an employee, and that situation was being investigated by the police. Because of the nature of the workplace being a club, there are things like arguments and fights. I hoped that this time, as well, the two sides would come to a peaceful conclusion with no more issues.

Later on, I saw a video of the scene during the incident through the media, and I was also extremely shocked. No matter what the incident is, violence is not justifiable, and with this statement I would like to sincerely apologize to the victim of this incident, and I hope both your physical and psychological wounds will heal as quickly as possible.



He then went on to explain why he became invested in a club in the first place.

“The reason why I first began getting involved in clubs is that during BIGBANG, when the group promotions ended and the members moved to individual promotions, I wanted a place to be able to spend time doing my solo activities, a place where I could freely pursue my own music, pursue the DJ’ing activities I always wanted to try.

At the time, a good opportunity came up and I became an in-house executive director for the club, where I was responsible for promotions. As a celebrity, I took it upon myself to spread the name of the club out to the public.



Seungri then talked about how his position differs from management, and also how he will fully cooperate with authorities regarding the cases surrounding Burning Sun.

“Management and operations of Burning Sun were not part of my responsibilities. Because I did not participate in any of that side of the management, I wasn’t able show the proper responsible actions right when the incident occurred. Once again, I would like to bow my head in apology for this.

What started as an assault incident at Burning Sun has led to the media reporting about drugs also being involved. I have not seen nor heard of any cases about this. I am actively cooperating with the police with their investigations and I hope that the truth will be revealed following a thorough investigation. If there was a crime committed, those who committed the crimes should be punished. If I am to take any responsibility as the in-house executive director, I will accept all of it.”



Finally, he talked about how he will use this incident to learn and grow as a person.

“With this incident, I have come to understand the responsibilities and the attitude a celebrity needs to uphold, and I feel very remorseful about this incident.

I sincerely apologize once more to all of the people affected, and I will work harder to show a more mature and thoughtful side of myself.”

— Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun)



The Burning Sun incident began when the victim started a petition on the Blue House website. Shortly after, some netizens believed Seungri was at the club on the day of the incident, sparking a lot of negative outrage. More stories about the misdeeds at the club came out, including how date-rape drugs were being used, and women being raped in the bathrooms. Yang Hyun Suk released his initial statement, but that did not stop the negative response from netizens.

Burning Sun Scandal

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