Here’s Why Netizens Are Lashing Out At Seungri For The “Burning Sun Scandal”

Here are the facts:

Seungri has recently been in the center of attention for the so-called “Burning Sun Assault” and all of the implications of the incident.

And while the incident is not directly related to Seungri, netizens have been shamelessly criticizing the idol for disclaiming responsibility and remaining silent.

Police Assault And Arrest Victim Of Group Attack At Seungri’s Club In Gangnam


Numerous scandals related to the Club Burning Sun have been brought to light since the “Burning Sun Assault” including the use of date rape drugs, sexual assault, marijuana use and more. However, Seungri continues to remain silent without issuing any statements.

Not long after the Burning Sun Assault was reported in the media, it was revealed that Seungri had recently resigned from his directorship of the club. Moreover, affiliates of the business clarified that the business was not registered under Seungri’s name, but rather the names of two other CEOs: Lee Seong Hyun and Lee Moon Ho. Affiliates also revealed, however, that it is true Seungri participated in the management of the club even though he was not the actual owner of the business.


Moreover, Seungri has emphasized multiple times on broadcasts such as I Live Alone and My Little Old Boy that he was not only giving his name to promote his ramen and club business, but that he actually manages them in person. The programs showed Seungri visit the locations of his business and contact business partners abroad, earning him the title “The Great Seungtsby.”


The “Burning Sun Assault” occurred on November 24, 2018 and Seungri resigned from his position during the end of January, meaning that he was still managing the business during the time of the incident. Moreover, netizens claim that Seungri was present on the day of the incident based on various pieces of information and are convinced that it is impossible for him to be unaware of the situation if he was indeed participating in the management of the business as he said in the past.

Netizens Find Proof Seungri Was Present At Burning Sun On The Day Of Assault


If he was, in fact, aware of the incident, that would mean that he did not take any measures or responsibility before resigning last week. If he had been unaware of the situation, it would be negligence of duty and the claims he made on the broadcasts could be seen as a pretense. As a result, netizens have been accusing Seungri of running away from the situation without taking proper responsibility.

Meanwhile, many netizens have also been voicing that the more important matter lies in the club and police, rather than Seungri and that Seungri should not be the focus in this issue.

Burning Sun Scandal