Seungri Resigns From Directorship Of Burning Sun, Netizens Attack

“He’s running away…”

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The Club Burning Sun, which was known to be partly owned by BIGBANG‘s Seungri, has recently been under the spotlight for the so-called “Burning Sun Assault”, which involved a ravel of assaults by the club’s employees and the police.

While the incident itself is not directly related to Seungri, netizens have found proof that Seungri was present on the day of the assault and are expecting some level of responsibility.

Netizens Find Proof Seungri Was Present At Burning Sun On The Day Of Assault


As it turns out, Seungri is apparently no longer a co-owner of the club. On January 29, KBS News 7 reported that Seungri resigned from his directorship of Club Burning Sun last week. An affiliate of the club stated that the business was not under Seungri’s name and explained that it was not “Seungri’s club” per se.

“Burning Sun” is currently registered under a different name (not Seungri’s name). While the owners were working on the interior to run a club within the hotel, they heard that Seungri was looking for a position for running a club and they proposed that they work together. This is why everyone thinks Seungri is the CEO. It’s true that Seungri participated in the operation of the club but he is not the actual owner of the business.

ㅡ Club affiliate


Seungri’s name was also nowhere to be found in the official statement released by Burning Sun. Instead, the names Lee Seong Hyeon and Lee Moon Ho were written as the CEOs of the business.


Meanwhile, netizens have been correlating Seungri’s resignation to the Burning Sun Assault, claiming that it was impossible for him not to be aware of the situation as it occurred during his management.

  • “He’s running away since it’s being reported in the media.”
  • “The incident occurred when Seungri was still managing the place so he couldn’t have been unaware.”
  • “He was probably trying to wash his hands of the case before it was reported in the press.”


Many have been criticizing him for “running away” from the situation rather than apologizing and dealing with it.

  • “Look at him trying to disclaim responsibility now. I’m really fed up with him now, please don’t come out on tv anymore and don’t sing either.”
  • “He’s trying to slither away like a snake. The more I know about him, the more I’m just fed up with him.”
  • “Whether or not he resigned, the important thing here is that he was the representative during the time of the incident. Does his resignation justify everything? This is ridiculous.”
  • “Anyway, he was one of the people managing the place and he was with Hyoyeon at the club on the day of the incident so he can’t be unaware of it. Disclaiming all responsibility now is just messed up.”


Others have been pointing out that the focus should be put on more important things than pointing fingers at Seungri.

  • “Seungri and the club is also a problem but the police brutality is a more severe issue.”
  • “Why do they keep putting the focus on Seungri. The essence here is the police, the assailant and victim.”

Burning Sun Scandal

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