Woman Allegedly Filmed Being Sexually Assaulted In Restroom At Seungri’s Club

“The employees seemed like they weren’t too concerned about the video.”

An employee of Seungri‘s “Club Burning Sun” has recently spoken up about a video of a woman being sexually assaulted in the restroom of the club’s VIP room.

The employee explained that there is a VIP room inside the club that has its own separate restroom.


Last month, a video with this VIP room name in the title had apparently gone viral. The video showed a woman, who couldn’t keep herself steady, sitting on the toilet and a man sexually assaulting her.

The employee stated that the bathroom lights in the video were the same as the ones at the Burning Sun’s VIP room. The other employees seemed to agree on this fact but did not take the video too seriously.

The bathroom lights in the video were the same as the ones in the VIP room bathroom at Burning Sun. When the video was first released, the employees also said that it was the VIP room restroom but it seemed like they weren’t too concerned about the released video.

ㅡ Employee


According to the employee, the VIP room was a closed-off area that only customers can enter during the operation hours. The club did not conduct any bag searches on the VIP customers and it was impossible to know what was going on inside the rooms. Moreover, the club employees probably kept their mouths closed even if they saw something as their jobs were on the line.


Meanwhile, the same employee also clarified the situation in the video of a woman allegedly being sexually assaulted by staff.


According to the employee, a foreigner woman had assaulted a security guard and was, therefore, being dragged outside. Moreover, the security guard who was assaulted received an apology letter and compensation the following day. The employee’s claims matched the explanation that was written on Facebook by the assaulted female security guard on the 30th.

There was a dispute with a foreigner woman who opened a bottle of alcohol and was drinking it inside the club.

ㅡ Employee


Police are currently investigating the assault, date rape drugs, police brutality and more in relation to the Club Burning Sun.

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