Seungri’s KakaoTalk Chatroom Revealed To Have Many Other Celebrities Involved

They say the Civil Rights’ Commission will announce the details soon.

Amidst the investigation surrounding BIGBANG Seungri and the Burning Sun club, the Civil Rights’ Commission has obtained Seungri’s KakaoTalk chat as evidence under suspicions of offering prostitutes as entertainment.

SBS FunE, the original press that first reported about the alleged chatroom, revealed that there were many other celebrity member who were a part of the chatroom. The other celebrities have not been name so far, and the only clear named accused of participating in the chatroom was Seungri and Yuri Holding’s CEO, Mr. Yoo.

Apparently, the chatroom holds tens of thousands of messages. SBS FunE claims that the chatroom dates as far back as December 2015, where Seungri allegedly attempted to offer women as sexual entertainment. It also claimed that the chats shed light on clubs around Gangnam, where many celebrities frequently attended, as well as suspicion of cohesion with police and more.

The original witness who reported the chatroom stated that they decided to report the chats to the Civil Rights’ Commission, rather than the police, because the chats contained possible evidence of corrupt policemen working with the perpetrators. The Civil Rights’ Commission will review the chats and hand them over to the police or the prosecutors, depending on what they judge of the potential evidence. If they find possible evidence that the police were involved in the chats, they will most likely hand it over to the prosecutors.

“There are chats inside the KakaoTalk chatroom that made me suspicious about a possible cohesion with the police, so I reported it to the Civil Rights’ Commission rather than the police.”

— KakaoTalk Chatroom Witness

The Civil Rights’ Commission is currently going through all of the chatroom data for evidence and will soon proceed with their findings to the correct station.

Source: SBS FunE

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