BIGBANG’s Seungri saves both T.O.P and Daesung from stage fireworks

Two members of BIGBANG narrowly escaped injury yesterday during a concert in Malaysia for their MADE tour thanks to Seungri.

On July 25th, the members of BIGBANG performed in Malaysia for their MADE tour. The group performed two separate concerts, one on July 24th and one on July 25th at the Putra Indoor Stadium, however, it was the second night where two members barely made it out unharmed.

During BIGBANG’s performance of their hit track, “FANTASTIC BABY,” Seungri was seen running over to fellow member T.O.P and pulling him back from the edge of the stage. He then ran over to Daesung and pulled him to the middle of the stage away from the edge. Just over two seconds later, fireworks came out of the edge of the stage. Had it not been for Seungri and his attentiveness, both T.O.P and Daesung could have been seriously burned from the explosion.

Check out the video of the scene below to see how close it really was.

Source: YG Entertainment and Siberia via @vannyluvdae