Zico To Join BTS, GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN And More Under BigHit Labels Artists As BigHit Entertainment Acquires His Agency

They’ve acquired KOZ Entertainment.

It has just been announced that BigHit Entertainment has acquired KOZ Entertainment. KOZ Entertainment was founded by Zico, from Block B fame.

| KOZ Entertainment

KOZ Entertainment was founded in 2018, with Zico as the sole artist. Later on, rookie artist Dvwn was recruited to join the label. With CJ ENM‘s creation of Belief.Lab in conjunction with BigHit Entertainment, it was only a matter of time before KOZ Entertainment was acquired as CJ ENM has stakes in the company.

| KOZ Entertainment

CEO Bang Si Hyuk commented on the acquisition as such – “We are pleased to be able to work with Zico, who is the country’s best producer and artist. We are looking forward to utilizing BigHit’s global network and top quality music producing system to help KOZ artists expand into the global market. We are anticipating the synergy to be created together with KOZ.

Previously, BigHit Entertainment had acquired Pledis Entertainment and Source Music Entertainment, expanding their brand even more. Zico will now serve under the BigHit Labels artists and continue his activities as both a producer and a singer.


Source: theqoo