BigHit Entertainment Denies BTS Comeback Rumors

BigHit Entertainment has denied recent reports of BTS’ new album.

An alleged insider claimed that BTS was going to produce a new album with the theme called “Love Yourself”.

Spoilers For BTS New Comeback Released

However, BigHit Entertainment just refuted that claim with an official announcement.

“We are currently planning a new project for this year and next year. Nothing has been officially started. It’s only in the early stages.”

— BigHit Entertainment

They announced that although there are ideas in the works nothing is for certain.

“There are a variety of BTS projects in the works, and we’ve have looked for writers, but nobody has been chosen yet.”

— BigHit Entertainment

They also did not confirm whether the new album will be based on a drama style.

“Nothing has been decided yet.”

— BigHit Entertainment

Source: Star News

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