BigHit Bans Long List Of Sasaengs, Publicly Shames Them

Some popular ARMY fansites have been blacklisted.

BigHit Entertainment has released an official list of fansites who have displayed unacceptable saesang behavior toward BTS.


On January 14, this list of blacklisted fansite names was posted to BTS’s fan cafe, along with the fansites’ etiquette violations. These violations include illegal photography, illegal ticket sales, and invasions of BTS’s privacy at airports. Those on the list have had their fan club memberships canceled.


Although most fans respect BTS’s personal space at airports, airport safety and privacy have become growing concerns for BTS.

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Banning and publically outing the offenders has shown that BigHit Entertainment has zero tolerance for such behavior.

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Although saesangs are nothing new, fans were shocked to discover a number of their favorite BTS photographers on the list. Fans are now encouraging their fellow ARMYs not to share media created by these blacklisted fansites.


One of the fansites on the list is believed be Carrot Nuna, a well-known Jungkook-focused fansite.


Although blacklisting alone will not solve BTS’s growing saesang problem, this list may convince other fansites to reevaluate their own behavior, to avoid being added to the list of offenders.

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