BIGHIT Music’s Cryptic Countdown On Instagram Only Needed One ARMY To Figure It Out

Another usual Tuesday in BTS’s world.

BTS‘s love for leaving unexpected clues and ARMY’s competence to decode them from scratch are together a match made in heaven. From recreating an unreleased track produced by Suga from just a still picture of his workstation to locating a tattoo tucked away in a pixel of V’s Vogue photoshoot, the detective skills of this fandom are often next level.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

This time too, the Sherlock Holmes of K-Pop didn’t disappoint with their tactics. On February 21, the official Instagram account of BTS (@bts.bighitofficial) posted a cryptic countdown in its stories. There was no context given apart from a lengthy text titled “Circle of Resonance.” The countdown ends on February 22, 12 am KST.

Most fans were taken aback by the post, trying to figure out what it meant. Some guessed that it is related to Jimin‘s upcoming album, since earlier today HYBE officials confirmed that his album is slated for a March release.

But it was all speculations, that is, until one ARMY decided to look up the source code of the webpage linked in the story. There they detected the name of Jimin, which ended up confirming that this announcement was pertaining to his album.

Minutes later, a brief teaser of Jimin’s upcoming album, Face, was posted across all social media accounts of BTS. The link in the story now leads to what looks like the cover art of the album.

Never underestimate the power of ARMY when it comes to mystery-solving!