BIGHIT MUSIC Producer Slow Rabbit Serves As Writer For New TWICE Song “Brave,” Much To Multi-Fans’ Excitement

He has worked on a lot of BTS and TXT’s hit songs!

Today, JYP Entertainment revealed the tracklist for TWICE‘s upcoming 11th mini album BETWEEN 1&2.

While the title track or lead track was confirmed to be “Talk that Talk,” another song caught ONCEs’ attention…

BIGHIT MUSIC/HYBE Producer Slow Rabbit is featured as a writer for Track #5, “Brave.” He not only wrote lyrics but helped compose and ultimately arrange the track.

Slow Rabbit | @slowrabbit_no1/Instagram 

Slow Rabbit is known best for his work for BTS over the years and, recently, TXT. So, multi-fans are very excited about him working with TWICE now.

Slow Rabbit has participated in the production of some of BTS and TXT’s classic hits, such as “Whalien 52” and “The Truth Untold,” and “Blue Hour” and “Anti-Romantic,” respectively.

So, we know that “Brave” will become an instant hit!

Read more about Slow Rabbit below.

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