MOAs Urge BIGHIT MUSIC To Treat TXT’s Soobin Better, Calling Out “Unfair” Treatment

Some fans believe he is being treated unfairly.

MOAs are calling on BIGHIT MUSIC to treat TXT‘s Soobin better.

TXT’s Soobin

Some fans see that TXT’s leader Soobin has received what could be considered inadequate lines in recent collaborative songs, such as “Do It Like That,” featuring the Jonas Brothers, and “Back for More,” featuring Anitta.

Yes, it can be difficult to include so much in a song that’s just a few minutes, especially when more than the five members of TXT are involved. Yet, MOAs have noticed similar instances with TXT’s own discography, such as “Devil by the Window,” although he is a skilled vocalist.

Along with few lines comes little to no screentime in music videos and rare center stage during performances. Considering he’s the group’s leader, this seems unreasonable, but MOAs have noticed this recurring.

Additionally, Soobin has expressed the desire to release a solo cover for two years. Still, he has not had the opportunity.

So, MOAs have trended #BigHitTreatSoobinBetter, urging his company, BIGHIT MUSIC, to treat Soobin fairly. At the time of writing, the hashtag has trended with over 7K mentions.

While MOAs are urging BIGHIT MUSIC to treat Soobin better and give him more opportunities to let his talents shine, they are also emphasizing that this doesn’t equate to hating on other members or boycotting their upcoming comeback.

MOAs will always support TXT, which entails wanting the members to be treated fairly.

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