BigHit Releases New Statement About Weverse’s Accidental Leak Of Users’ Private Information

Weverse had accidentally leaked users’ private info.

Just a few days ago, BigHit Entertainment‘s fan communication platform, Weverse, accidentally leaked users’ private information to others.

They now released an official statement that the error has been fixed and that they are doing everything possible to help the victims.

During an upgrade on Weverse, an error occurred where cache was saved wrongly, so the login system had issues and some of the users’ personal information were leaked to others.

We are currently fixing the problem in accordance with KISA’s manual regarding private information leaks. We confirmed that there were no further victims.

— BigHit Entertainment

On January 28, from 5:40pm to 9:00 pm KST, Weverse suffered an error where users’ private information, including their name, email, gender, phone number, membership number, and membership expiration date were leaked.

Weverse is a popular app among BTS, TXT, and GFRIEND fans where the artists frequently post their own snapchats and directly converse with fans.

Source: Newsen