BTS’s V Leaves The Sweetest Comment On Weverse And ARMYs Can’t Handle It

“I am not good at speaking English but…”

BTS‘s V may not be as frequent as the perfect attendance award receiver Jin in his visits to Weverse-land…


… but when he does come by, he makes sure to leave the best comments for ARMYs to see! On December 22, 2019 KST, one non Korean-speaking ARMY used the Papago translator to leave a heartfelt message in Korean.

I know you probably won’t see this, but I love you. I used Papago to translate this. I don’t speak Korean.



To which V replied:


And that was that on that. No ARMY has been able to survive V’s sweetest reaction!


Suga once said the love between BTS and ARMYs are beyond what languages can convey. Looks like Suga was absolutely right!

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Source: THEQOO


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