Here’s How Billie’s Sua And ASTRO’s Moonbin Ended Up Covering The Sexy Duet, “My Ear’s Candy”

They also had considered other songs.

K-Pop siblings ASTRO‘s Moonbin and Billie‘s Sua rocked a special joint performance of “My Ear’s Candy” on Music Bank‘s summer special. This was their first joint performance as siblings.

The song, however, is rather romantic. Originally performed by 2PM‘s Taecyeon and soloist Baek Jiyoung, it involves sexy choreography and lyrics about love. Fans naturally wondered how the two siblings thought of covering such an unexpected song.

Moonbin took to Dear. U Bubble to explain the rationale behind the choice. As they were preparing for the special stage, they had been trying to think of what song to perform. He remembered that Sua had once mentioned wanting to try performing “My Ear’s Candy” on variety show, Knowing Bros. He then gave the suggestion.

Moonbin explaining the choice in song. | @checheukii/Twitter

So, about the performance yesterday, “My Ear’s Candy”, who do you think gave the suggestion? Yes, it’s me. I saw what she mentioned before on Knowing Bros and I thought, oh it would be fun to do. And I suggested we switch up the parts in the second chorus.

— Moonbin

Moonbin shared that his parents absolutely loved the performance! He also explained that that was not the only option they had in mind. During practice, they also thought that “Ping Pong” by HyunA and DAWN would be alright, but they ended up going with “My Ear’s Candy.”

| @dalbinX2/Twitter

During practice, we also said that it would’ve been alright to do “Ping Pong” too. I don’t think our company will post it though.

— Moonbin

We’d love to see more of this talented sibling duo on stage. In the meantime, check out their cover below.