Billlie’s Haram Says They Will Set Themselves Apart From Other Rookie Groups—Here’s How

They’re confident, and believe in themselves!

Billlie is a rookie group that debuted very recently, and member Haram confidently stated how they set themselves apart from other rookie groups in K-Pop!

Billlie | @Billlieofficial/Twitter

Billlie recently debuted with their mini-album the Billage of perception, along with their title track “RING X RING”, amidst tons of hype over the members for their visuals…

| @Billlieofficial/Twitter

…and talents!

| Mystic Story Entertainment

During their debut showcase, Billlie showed their explosive choreography to “RING X RING”, and also talked about their name, concept, and more!

| Mystic Story Entertainment

The members were also asked how they stand out in a sea of stunning K-Pop debuts, and Haram revealed that their teamwork is a force to reckon with!

Strong teamwork. The synergy of six distinctive members will be special.



Suhyeon also said that they’re a group to look out for because of their amazing performances!

You cannot miss our performances. We’ve released several performance videos ahead of our debut, so please look forward to what we have to show with our title song.



Check out the MV for “RING X RING” here!

Source: The Korea Herald