Billlie’s Tsuki Wasn’t Popular In Her School Days…But Was Totally Gorgeous

“How did nobody ask her out?!”

Billlie‘s Tsuki surprised netizens when she opened up about her unexpected past.

When asked about whether she considers herself a Hatsukoino Icon (Icon of a first love) and a Kakeuno Idol (Idol of school), Tsuki surprisingly revealed that these labels don’t fit her because she wasn’t popular while in school.

She also shared that she never received a love confession while in school.

I’ve never been asked out. I don’t think that’s my image!

— Tsuki

Adorably showing off a double thumbs-up, netizens find it hard to believe that Tsuki’s charming and cute personality didn’t make her popular!

Her predebut photos show off her gorgeous charm that she had even as a student…

…and fans find it hard to believe that she was never asked out!

Additionally, she never thought of herself as “cool” after coming to Korea…

…until she felt her popularity explode through her viral fancam!

Watch more of Tsuki’s charming interview below.