AfreecaTV BJ Accidentally Records Restaurant Workers Making Crude Remarks About Her Body

They didn’t know she was filming.

AfreecaTV BJ GamdongranTV is going viral after an accidental recording.

| @xiao_eggsy/Instagram

Gam Dong Ran, who is a popular AfreecaTV BJ was beginning to film a mukbang in one of her favorite restaurants. The BJ can be seen eating her food when suddenly, she excuses herself from her live viewers to use the restroom. It was during her time in the bathroom that the owners of the restaurant started to make crude remarks about the BJ’s body. This is the caption that was revealed before the BJ shares the footage of the restaurant workers’ remarks.

Real life footage. This is what was said about me while I was in the bathroom. Turn up your volume so that we can all hear it together. (This was the conversation between 3 restaurant workers.)

— gamdongranTV/YouTube

Worker 1: What is that outfit? Is she even wearing pants?

Worker 2: Is she wearing safety shorts?

Worker 1: Where does someone even wear clothes like that?

What the restaurant workers did not realize was the fact that the BJ had left her recording equipment on. This meant that their comments were being heard by all of her viewers. Gam Dong Ran highlights the fact that the live chatroom was going wild during her time away from the camera.

Worker 1: When I first saw her, I was trying to figure out if she was wearing pants or not.

Worker 2: I don’t think she’s wearing any though.

The video continues on with the two workers making crude comments about the BJ’s underwear choices, as well as her breasts.

Worker 1: Is she wearing a thong?

Worker 2: Oh my goodness what a crazy bi***

Worker 1: Her boobs were manmade too

They didn’t stop there and continued on with their harsh comments about Gam Dong Ran’s looks.

Worker 1: Her face isn’t even pretty.

Worker 2: *Laughter* wow

It was then that the comments stopped, only because the BJ had returned from her restroom break. The live comment section, however, went wild as her fans tried to warn her of what they were tuning into. Gam Dong Ran immediately went back on her footage to hear the conversation between the workers. As soon as she confirmed that what her fans said was true, she confronted the restaurant workers.

I’m not sure know if you knew but I have been filming this whole time. There are 800 people who have been watching and they heard all the rude things you guys have been saying about me. So I just checked it.

— Gam Dong Ran

She continued on by asking why they felt the need to curse her out when she was just there to eat her food.

Ma’am, I ordered over $100 worth of food and I was just trying to eat. I have come here often even when I wasn’t dressed like this to eat your food. It’s because of Corona that I haven’t come in awhile but why is it that I have to hear you call me a crazy b**ch and if I’m wearing a thong or not?

— Gam Dong Ran

The restaurant owner immediately apologized after being confronted by the BJ, but the damage had already been done. The BJ, who was visibly shaken up by the encounter hastily left after the rude remarks. If you want to watch the entire video, you can check it out below.