Blackbear Sends His Love To BTS’s Jungkook And We’re All Waiting For The Collab

Jungkook covered blackbear’s “smile again” on his latest livestream!

In his latest karaoke party livestream, BTS‘s Jungkook sang a few covers of his favorite songs at the moment, including “smile again” by American musician blackbear!

It’s definitely not the first time Jungkook showed he’s a fan of blackbear; back in 2017, he added blackbear’s “do re mi” to his Spotify playlist!

Jungkook had “do re mi” by blackbear in his Spotify playlist in 2017.

BTS and blackbear are mutuals on Twitter, proving they support each other’s music and are huge fans of one another!

Around the time the livestream ended, blackbear tweeted and said, “emotions rly be some sh*t.” But then a fan asked if he had seen Jungkook’s cover and blackbear excitedly asked where!

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blackbear then took to Twitter to send his love to Jungkook!

One fan jokingly said “Cured half your depression lmaooo,” and blackbear said it’s true!

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Fans of blackbear and BTS hope to see the artists work together in the future!