Producer Ryan Tedder’s Comments About BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” Raises Concerns About YG Entertainment’s Decision Making Process

Their lack of communication means netizens will miss out on songs by Jennie and Rosé!

After BLACKPINK released their song “Pink Venom,” fans worldwide haven’t been able to contain their excitement for the release of the group’s first album in over two years, called “Born Pink.”

With the release of concept pictures, BLINKs have been getting more and more excited about the release of the album, raising anticipation on what can be expected.

BLACKPINK concept photo for their single “Shut Down” | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

Recently, the tracklist for the album was released.

BLACKPINK “Born Pink” Tracklist | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

Although it seemed to interest netizens with the use of sampling and even tracks written by the members, BLINKs were angry that after two years, there were only eight new songs.

Yet, alongside the anger about the lack of songs on the album after a two-year hiatus, comments by OneRepublic‘s lead singer and world-renowned producer Ryan Tedder have raised anger about how YG Entertainment went about picking songs for the album.

Last year, it was revealed that members Rosé and Jennie even went to work with Ryan Tedder in person at his studio for one of the songs last year. It raised hopes that the tracks would have been on the upcoming album.

Rosé and Jennie in LA when they were writing with Ryan Tedder

It all seemed to be going well, and BLINKs seemed excited when Ryan Tedder revealed the extent to which he worked with the two BLACKPINK members in an interview.

And now, in a recent interview at Good Morning America‘s 2022 Summer Concert series, Ryan Tedder confirmed that he has worked on music with BLACKPINK, specifically with Jennie and Rosé in Los Angeles.

All I can confirm is that I have worked on BLACKPINK material. I did write with the girls themselves. I did, I think, one of the only sessions they’ve done outside of Korea we did in [Los Angeles]. With Jennie, Rosé, a handful of them.

— Ryan Tedder

Even at the start of the month, in an interview, Ryan Tedder gave BLINKs more hope that one of his tracks would appear on the album.

I can confirm that I have worked with BLACKPINK on this upcoming album. I don’t know which songs are making it, there’s no way to tell. In my dream world, I’ve got three. Worst case, I’ve got one. Either way, I’m happy, and I hope I have the single.

— Ryan Tedder

| @kzobornpink/Twitter
| @kzobornpink/Twitter   

During the interview, Ryan Tedder also couldn’t stop praising the members and how much input they had on all the songs.

One of the songs, we co-wrote with them, the lyrics, melody, they know what they’re doing.

— Ryan Tedder

| @kzobornpink/Twitter 

After so much hype, netizens were shocked when the tracklist was announced. None of the songs seemed to be written by Ryan Tedder or even include his credits.

Others shared their anger that many of the songs which were co-written by the BLACKPINK members were also missed out in favor of other writers.

When the tracklist was released, Ryan Tedder reposted a story with the caption, “Being a songwriter feels like being one of the many seagull, many many many seagull and someone throws one french fry in the parking lot.” Many believe he is referring to not being involved in the album.

A post on Reddit also raised concerns about whether it is normal for K-Pop companies to make producers aware if their tracks are being used or not. Many netizens shared how annoying it was that Ryan Tedder was proud, thinking at least some of his hard work with the members would be included, just for that not to happen.

Once again, netizens are not raising their anger at BLACKPINK but YG Entertainment. Although they’ve shown disappointment for Ryan Tedder, it’s also more personal as YG has seemingly disregarded many songs written by the BLACKPINK members themselves.

You can read more about netizens’ anger about the tracklist for BLACKPINK’s upcoming album below.

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