BLACKPINK Can’t Stop Mentioning They Have iPhones Even Though They Are Sponsored By Samsung

Don’t forget your endorsement deals girls!

BLACKPINK is undoubtedly one of the most successful groups right now, and are currently ranked in the Top 3 of the richest K-Pop groups.

Part of this can be attributed to their endorsement deals with high-value brands including SAMSUNG.

Earlier this year, BLACKPINK made a special appearance at the SAMSUNG Galaxy event in Thailand.

BLACKPINK’s latest MV “Kill This Love” even had some special close-ups of SAMSUNG’s finest and latest products.

But this endorsement deal has encountered some conflicts in interest over the past few months.

Firstly, Jisoo couldn’t stop recording herself with iPhones from BLINKs at BLACKPINK’s LA concert, even though Jennie tried to stop her, given that Apple isn’t exactly SAMSUNG’s best friend.

Jennie was also caught about to take a selfie with a fan’s phone, only to stop herself when she realised it was an iPhone.

But many fans know that the BLACKPINK members own Apple products and that it isn’t exactly a secret.

Recently, BLACKPINK did a live broadcast when Rosé accidentally let this slip.

I was bored in bed and Lisa called me on FaceTime

What none of the girls managed to pick up on is that FaceTime is exclusively an app on Apple products.

Given the extent that the members, especially Jennie, go to to protect their SAMSUNG endorsement deals, it is hilarious when they let it slip through that they actually do use iPhones.

What’s more, even Jennie isn’t completely faithful to the SAMSUNG endorsement deal!

Earlier this year, she FaceTimed Red Velvet’s Irene during a live broadcast, meaning that she also uses an iPhone!

Hopefully the execs at SAMSUNG let this one slide through.

Or better yet, given how internationally successful they are, maybe Apple can sign an endorsement deal with BLACKPINK!