Jisoo Couldn’t Stop Recording Herself On BLINKs’ Phones At BLACKPINK’s LA Concert

She didn’t care that they were all iPhones

BLACKPINK have been having a successful time in North America.

Their Coachella performance was met with acclaim and their first concert in LA was sold out.

As per usual, the girls received much attention for their talented performances and their close interactions with American BLINKs.

During the LA concert, Jisoo did something no one would ever expect when she grabbed this BLINK’s phone and started recording herself singing along to ‘Stay’.

This excited BLINK posted the video on Twitter where their tweet went viral within hours.

Another BLINK also had their phone taken by Jisoo and was blessed with a personal video recording from BLACKPINK’s eldest member.

Many BLINKs were truly enamoured with Jisoo’s stunning beauty and her engagement with her American fans.

However, many BLINKs couldn’t help but make fun of Jennie who appeared to nudge Jisoo to return back the iPhone.

BLINKs have been joking that Jennie stopped Jisoo from recording herself on iPhones since BLACKPINK are sponsors of Samsung.

Looks like Jisoo doesn’t care about losing the Samsung sponsorship.

She just wants to have a great time with her fans!

With BLACKPINK touring across North America the next few weeks, Jisoo is bound to be recording more videos on the phones of BLINKs.

So if you’re heading to BLACKPINK’s concert, make sure you try to hand Jisoo your phone. She won’t care if it isn’t a Samsung phone.