BLACKPINK Chooses Their Favorite Lines From “The Album”, And One Specific Song Is A Top Pick

3 members picked lines from this song.

BLACKPINK finally returned to the music scene with their first full-length album, The Album. All eight songs are addicting and iconic in their own right, but the question remains—what are their personal favorite lines?

Among these eight tracks, they each chose a line to sing in their recent Twitter Blueroom interview. Check them out below!

1. Jennie

Jennie chose a line from the song “Crazy Over You”. She especially loves the sudden high note in the line “only you”.

2. Lisa

Lisa was the only member who picked a line from “Pretty Savage”, which isn’t surprising considering how she had chosen it as her favorite song in a prior interview.

3. Rosé

Like Jennie, Rosé also picked a line from “Crazy Over You”, particularly the ending line of the song.

4. Jisoo

When Jisoo noticed that Rosé had picked the same song as Jennie, she decided to also sing her favorite line from it. She did extra fan service by dancing cutely to the beat.

The girls picked well because these are definitely some of their catchiest lines to date!