BLACKPINK Chose Their Favorite Songs From “The Album”, And 3 Members Had The Same Answer

It’s one of their best songs!

BLACKPINK recently made a comeback with their first full-length album The Album, and they celebrated by releasing an exclusive video on their YouTube channel.

In the video, they entertained BLINKs by answering a number of questions like who is the most likely to get married first and what their super powers are. They were also asked about their favorite songs on The Album.

Check out their answers below!


Member Lisa was the first to pick the jewel in the tracklist. She revealed that “Pretty Savage” is her favorite song—and honestly, we’re not surprised!

“Pretty Savage” is the third track on The Album, and it is described as a girl crush song with impressive rap parts and a sensuous beat. Knowing how incredible Lisa’s rap was in the track, we totally understand why she likes it best.

Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo

Rosé was the next to pick her favorite song among the eight tracks, and she had a particularly hard time choosing.

In the end, she had a definitive winner: their title track!

This is gonna be a lie because I like them all, but I’m just gonna say ‘Lovesick Girl’.

— Rosé

Jennie and Jisoo were quick to agree with her.

Rosé finished off by singing the hook of the song with her lovely voice. To see this and more, catch the full video below.