Here Is The Supposed Reason Why BLACKPINK’s Comeback Has Been So Delayed

Have they been put on the back burner?

As most K-Pop fans know, BLACKPINK has been on hiatus as a whole group for a long time now — 491 days, to be exact, since their last comeback “Lovesick Girls” was released in October 2020. This isn’t anything new for the girl group either, who had another long hiatus between “Kill This Love” and “How You Like That” that lasted over a year.

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Unfortunately, BLINKs have basically come to accept that BLACKPINK isn’t able to release music as often as other groups. Due to a recent post on the Chinese forum Douban, however, some netizens are speculating what their most recent delay might have been caused by.

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According to this post, they believe that it’s the production of YG Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group that is the reason for BLACKPINK’s long hiatus.

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The post claims that the new group is being produced by Teddy, who has often been called the “5th member of BLACKPINK” due to his heavy involvement in their music. Fans are speculating that since he’s been busy getting the new girl group ready, he hasn’t had as much time to spend on BLACKPINK.

Producer Teddy Park | Netflix

Some other alleged information was shared about the new girl group as well, piquing netizens’ interest.

1. The group’s name is not Baemon

2. Produced by Teddy

3. The number of members was reduced from 6 to 5 members

4. The leader was born in 2000, and the youngest was born in 2006

5. There are 4 Korean members and 1 Japanese member

6. There are 2 rappers (1 Korean and 1 Japanese)

7. The members speak English well

Photo taken of girls rumored to be YG Entertainment trainees

Whether this information is true or not, it seems possible that Teddy’s focus on the new girl group could have played a part in BLACKPINK’s hiatus. Thankfully, it sounds like BLACKPINK is set to have their comeback sometime this year, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!

Source: KBIZoom