BLACKPINK Danced Freestyle To Their Own Songs, And It Was A Wild, Wild Ride

Jennie’s sexy side jumped out.

BLACKPINK had a dance fest in the thirteenth episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK. Continuing from the class session of the last episode, the girls had two new “lessons” in the form of games.

The first game they played made use of their dance and estimation skills. They needed to ring a bell at exactly fifteen seconds while dancing to a BLACKPINK track.

Each member performed in their own special way—and it was a wild ride from start to finish. Check them out below!

1. Jennie

First up was none other than Jennie. Unlike everyone else, she was the only one who had a special audience with Jisoo sitting in front of her while she did a sexy dance.

Jisoo was so surprised at the main rapper’s seductive dancing, she had to cover her mouth as her jaw dropped to the floor.

2. Jisoo

When it was her turn, Jisoo chose the completely opposite route as Jennie. She made laid back moves which emphasized her arms while she hopped like a bunny. Without a doubt, it proved her 4-dimensional personality.

3. Lisa

On the other hand, Lisa was fluid and graceful in her movements. Her expressions reminded everyone that she’s the main dancer of the group for a reason.

She put 100% of her energy into a single move that made everyone laugh aloud.

4. Rose

Finally, Rosé took it literally when the game said to guess the time. She made a clock with her arms and danced like a robot.

In the end, though Rosé won as the closest member to hit the bell at 15 seconds, Lisa was acknowledged for having the best freestyle dance routine.

Check out the full video below!