BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was Ready To Risk It All For Food

She became a seductress.

Though Rosé takes the cake as the member most known for loving food, the others in BLACKPINK are not far behind! In Episode 12 of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, viewers saw just how much the girls love their meals.

In the latter half of the episode, they were tasked with eating their own meals without their teacher noticing. It was an activity where confidence and stealth were needed. Though Jennie had the former in spades, she was lacking substantially in the latter.

Her task was among the most difficult in the group as she had to eat pork chop and rice with fancy cutlery. Lisa, in comparison, only needed a spoon, Rosé just needed chopsticks, and Jisoo only needed her hands for her hamburger.

Though Jennie used her notebook to block her large plate from sight, it came to the point where she caught the attention of their teacher. He strictly told her to turn herself in for bringing such a dangerous object to class.

Hold up. Someone in this classroom has a knife out while I’m teaching. Come out before I come and get it off you.

— Teacher

While laughing at getting caught, she accidentally implicated herself by dropping her fork.

Instead of shying away from the punishment, Jennie bravely stood up and pranced to the front of the classroom, making up an excuse while she was at it.

My mom told me to carry [the knife] around since you never know when you’re going to get hungry!

— Jennie

Shy and contrite she was not. Jennie posed seductively to get the teacher to forget his anger…

…and by his blush it seemed to work!

As if this experience wasn’t enough to deter her, Jennie actually stood up and stole soup from Rosé’s cup of ramyeon—right in front of the teacher.

When it comes to food, nothing can stop Jennie! Check out the full episode below!