BLACKPINK Snitched On Rosé And They Were 100% NOT Sorry

What is an apology?

BLACKPINK is known among fans and non-fans alike for their incredibly strong bond with each other. Having spent over half a decade of hellish training together, they’ve been through countless trials that made them exactly like sisters.

That said, sisters aren’t afraid to have fun…even if it’s at each other’s expense! This was seen most clearly in the twelfth episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK. In the second half of the show, the girls were tasked to eat their lunches discreetly while their “professor” taught the lesson.

It was an individual fight for the win. While some members like Jisoo had an easy time accomplishing their tasks…

…others like Rosé didn’t start smoothly. For instance, she was given a pack of gimbap that she needed to warm in the microwave. When she got up in the middle of the lecture to use it, her members didn’t hesitate to call her out.

Teacher, where is Rosoon going?

— Jennie

Thinking on the spot, Rosé said she was standing up in order to sharpen her pencil.

The other girls didn’t let up and they made sure their main vocal wasn’t anywhere near the microwave, thus failing her first task.

That’s my locker!

— Jisoo

The second time she braved the journey to the other side of the classroom, it was to fill her cup of ramyeon with boiling water. This time, Rosé was able to pour the water into the kettle and turn it on.

A few seconds later, Jisoo called her out again by exclaiming, “Something is boiling!”

Despite the hurdles the teacher and her fellow members put her through, Rosé successfully made her cup ramyeon and ate it throughout the class.

Check out their chaotic adventure below!