BLACKPINK’s Detailed Comeback Schedule Revealed, Full Length Album To Be Released

Over 10 songs have been recorded.

Following the confirmation that BLACKPINK will have a June comeback, YG Entertainment has finally released more information to the public. The girls will be getting a multi-phase comeback with various releases from June to September.

The company posted the timeline of schedules on their website on May 18.

First Phase

YG Entertainment revealed that BLACKPINK has finished recording 10 songs for their new album.

After long hours of work, we’ve completed recording over 10 tracks of BLACKPINK’s new songs, which compose BLACKPINK’s first studio album.

– YG Entertainment

Starting June, they will begin releasing pre-release titles to the public. BLACKPINK is already almost finished their visual shooting and choreography practice.

Second Phase

Following this strong start, YG Entertainment’s second plan is to release the group’s second single in a special format. This will happen in either July or August.

While they cannot “speak of details at this moment”, they revealed that it will be “a special kind of new song”.

Third Phase

Finally, after months of pre-release songs, BLACKPINK will release their first studio album in September.

YG Entertainment opted for an elaborate three-phase program to give BLINKs more chances to interact with the group.

As we’ve prepared for this album for a long time, we will release contents in 3 different terms so that the group will get opportunities to visit the fans with more content and performances.

– YG Entertainment

Before their comeback releases in June, BLACKPINK’s song with Lady Gaga, “Sour Candy” will come out on May 29.

YG Entertainment will run global projects with Universal Music, the biggest music label on the planet, for BLACKPINK’s leap into the global market.

– YG Entertainment

See the full announcement below:

Source: Naver, Naver and YG Life