BLACKPINK To Make A June 2020 Comeback… And The News Has K-Pop Fans Thrilled

New song, check. New MV, check!

According to an exclusive report from the South Korean press Star News, BLACKPINK will be making their long-awaited comeback in June 2020.

The report shared, “The group recently completed recording the new song(s) and is currently working on finalizing the schedule for the music video shoot.”

And based on the K-Pop norm of shooting the music video right before a new album release, BLACKPINK’s comeback is predicted to be around early to mid June.

A year and two months since the last album Kill This Love released April 2019, this surprisingly pleasant news of BLACKPINK making new music now has all K-Pop fans excited!

Stay tuned for more details on the queens’ return.

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Source: Star News