Dua Lipa Revealed Why A “Kiss And Make Up” MV With BLACKPINK Never Happened

She talked about whether or not it was still a possibility too:

It’s been a year since Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK‘s “Kiss and Make Up” came out and it’s still setting records, taking over charts, and stealing hearts the world over. But there have been a few questions on many fans’ minds since it’s release. First, why a “Kiss and Make Up” MV never happened and second, whether or not an MV is still a possibility.


During a recent game of “Answers the Internet” with Kiss FM UK, Dua Lipa was asked about whether an MV between them would ever happen.


While Dua revealed that a possible “Kiss and Make Up” video, unfortunately, never happened because of their busy schedules and isn’t likely to happen at all…

So is BLACKPINK and Dua ever going to release a music video for ‘Kiss and Make Up’? Unfortunately my dear, not this time.

— Dua Lipa


She did have some good news! While their busy schedules made it impossible to film anything together this time, Dua did say that if they ever got the chance to work on more music in the future, they’d make sure to create an awesome video for fans!

I would have loved to and I love the girls, just our schedules are bonkers and we never got the chance to do it. But maybe we’ll do another song at some point and we’ll try and deliver a video for you guys.

— Dua Lipa


So although we might not be getting that “Kiss and Make Up” MV we’ve all been hoping for, there’s still a chance that someday we’ll get another amazing song collaboration and even a music video!