BLACKPINK Fans Frustrated Over “Unfair” Line Distribution In “Ice Cream” Ft. Selena Gomez

The member with the least lines got less than half the distribution of the member with the most lines.

On August 28, BLACKPINK released “Ice Cream”, the second single from their upcoming first full-length album. Given that “Ice Cream” features American singer Selena Gomez, fans knew the BLACKPINK members wouldn’t be getting as many lines as usual. However, many were not expecting things to be this “unfair”.

According to a line distribution by HEXA6ON on YouTube, Selena Gomez received around 28.6% of the lines in “Ice Cream”, equating to just under 41 seconds. Many BLINKs expected the remaining 70% or so to be distributed fairly equally between BLACKPINK’s members. The actual line distribution, however, is far from equal.


Lisa received the most lines—38.8 seconds, or 27.1% of the song.


Jennie ranked second in the distribution with 29.6 seconds of lines, or 20.7%.


The seconds-per-member then drop drastically, with Jisoo receiving 17.6 seconds, or 12.3% of the song.


And finally, Rosé received just 16.2 seconds of lines (11.3%), the least in “Ice Cream” and less than half of Lisa’s lines.


Unsurprisingly, the huge gap between the top and bottom of the line distribution has fans reeling. In most K-Pop groups, the main vocalist usually receives the most lines in the song. However, BLACKPINK’s main vocalist, Rosé, ended up receiving the least.

Fans were even more perplexed given that the song is in English, and Rosé was raised in an English-speaking country.

The same goes for Jisoo, with fans furious that the group’s lead vocalist barely sang at all.

On top of that, fans soon learned that Rosé and Jisoo also received the least screen time in the music video after Selena Gomez.


Many went on to criticize the styling too, claiming that the group’s vocal line didn’t receive the same effort in their makeup and hair looks.


Many are calling on YG Entertainment and the group’s main producer, Teddy, to distribute lines more fairly.

Some have even suggested simple ways to make the distribution more equal. In this instance, one BLINK proposed that some of Lisa’s rap lines could have been given to fellow rapper Jennie. In turn, some of Jennie’s singing lines could’ve been redistributed between Jisoo and Rosé.

Ultimately, fans are hoping this doesn’t become a trend throughout The Album, due to release soon. Many are asking for more distributions like Kill This Love‘s “Kick It”, in which each member received almost exactly 25% of the lines.

Source: HEXA6ON (YouTube)