BLACKPINK Fans Send Protest Trucks To YG Entertainment To Protest For Jennie’s Protection

They are appealing to the company to take appropriate measures to protect her.

A group of BLACKPINK Jennie‘s fans have sent protest LED trucks to the YG Entertainment building to make their wishes known. Through online fundraising amongst BLINKs, a fan union that calls themselves Jensetters Union has been campaigning for better treatment of Jennie.

The trucks have been present at the building for two days so far.

The trucks contain a variety of messages, including calls for protection of the star’s privacy. Through her vlog content, netizens had managed to sleuth out Jennie’s apartment complex and address. The name of the complex was then spread online, essentially putting her at risk.

| @JensettersUnion/Twitter

The truck also calls for YG Entertainment to properly address and deny the various rumors about Jennie that have been plaguing the group since pre-debut. As YG Entertainment did not accurately and strongly address the claims, fans are calling for the definite protection of their artists and for the company to prioritize their safety.

| @JensettersUnion/Twitter

Furthering that, fans request the company to take legal action against Jennie’s Instagram hacker as well as the netizens who put her home information up online.

YG Entertainment has yet to respond to the protest and fans’ requests.


Source: Star Today