Does BLACKPINK Actually Choose Their Own Outfits? Their Stylist Explains How Much Of A Say They Really Have

She answers fans’ burning questions.

All four members of BLACKPINK are trendsetting fashion icons, each with their own unique style that is loved by fans worldwide, but how much influence do they really have in the clothes they wear? Recently, stylist Park Min Hee told all in an interview with W Korea.

Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé | Vogue

Park revealed that not only do the members put a lot of personal thought into their styling, they also teach her a few things, as well.

Yes, the members are all highly interested in fashion. And I feel like being fashionable comes with being genuinely interested in fashion, so… Sometimes I even learn from them. With all kinds of trends flying by, it’s easy to feel pressured to be on top of everything. But the members love all these changes.

— Park

With their big interest in fashion, each member has their own unique style and learns what suits them best.

More importantly, they know what works for them and what doesn’t—they have their priorities set straight, when it comes to fashion. So when we’re coming up with whatever concepts, we work together by sharing insights.

— Park

By working together with the stylist, they can find the perfect outfits for performing at concerts and attending events that are fashionable, on-trend, and comfortable.

Park also revealed the members often discuss with stylists based on trends or types of fashion they want to try.

Rosé | ELLE

Even when we’re not working on anything, we talk a lot about fashion. Whenever we find something cool happening in the fashion world, like an outfit or a photoshoot, we share and discuss.

— Park

Lisa | ELLE

The members are fashionistas through and through, and with help from their stylist, they’re able to slay the stage as trendsetting fashion icons!

Source: W Korea