BLACKPINK Now Hold The Title For Most Followed Group On Instagram

They are the most followed group in the world!

BLACKPINK has been breaking records left and right with their latest EP, “Kill This Love” but they’ve also been crushing things on SNS lately too! Not only did Lisa, recently become the most followed K-Pop artist on Instagram with an amazing 17.4 million followers, but as a group, they set an amazing record too!


Since each of the BLACKPINK members is in the top 10 for the highest number of Instagram followers for a K-Pop act, it might not come as a huge surprise that their group account has also ranked very high up on the list of the top followed Instagram accounts.


With their numbers continuously growing, BLINKs have often wondered if they would make it to most followed group Instagram account. Now they don’t have to wonder any longer because they’ve done it! With over 17.1 million followers, BLACKPINK’s official Instagram page is not only the most followed K-Pop group account…


It’s also the most followed group account period! Since BLACKPINK has surpassed 17.1 million they’ve officially surpassed One Direction who previously held the title for the most followed group at 17 million followers!


And as BLACKPINK’s numbers continue to grow who knows how many more records they can set! Congratulations BLACKPINK!