Here Are BLACKPINK’s Future Plans, As Revealed By Rosé

“We’re definitely open to any fun collaborations.”

BLACKPINK recently sat down for a quick interview with Bloomberg Quicktake. They answered questions on the adjustments made to their promotions due to the pandemic as well as their language preference when singing.

| Bloomberg Quicktake/YouTube

Another thing they touched on was their plans for the future. The girls were asked, “What’s next for BLACKPINK? Any dream project you’d like to work on?”

It was Rosé who took up the helm and answered that they’re always ready for more.

I think we’re always trying to pursue new things, both musically and in styling

— Rosé

As the years have passed, they’ve matured along with their music. The girls hope to share even more stories in their future releases.

And like everyone else, we’re always learning and evolving as people. So I think that we really try to express that through our music and our performances.

— Rosé

Rosé then mentioned their recent collaborations, describing them as dreams come true. BLACKPINK had high-profile collaborations with Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Lady Gaga this year.

And with dream collaborations, I think we’ve been very lucky enough to have had some amazing collaborations come true.

— Rosé

Ending that they’re looking forward to what the future holds, the main vocalist said, “So we’re definitely open to any fun collaborations that we can have in the future”.

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

If you want to see their full interview, check out the video below.


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