BLACKPINK Is Gearing Up To Shock The Whole World With Their Secret Global Comeback Project

What could the project hold?

BLACKPINK is in the final stages of recording for their comeback album, and they are also preparing a stunning global project in utmost secrecy.

According to an exclusive report from News1, they received a tip from a source at a global music distribution agency that BLACKPINK is in the midst of preparing for their biggest-ever project in a highly secretive manner.

BLACKPINK have been mentioned by numerous entertainment officials in the United States thanks to their impact with “KILL THIS LOVE” last year, as well as their successful United States tour.

YG Entertainment previously announced that BLACKPINK’s comeback would not be too far away, and as a result of News1’s coverage, BLACKPINK is in the final stages of recording for their album and preparing a global project that will leave their fans surprised.

YG Entertainment was asked for any specific details about BLACKPINK’s global project, but were tight-lipped, not letting any information out.

It is difficult to confirm details right now.

We will repay the fans who have waited a long time with good music and good news.

— YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK signed a contract with Universal Music Group to help bolster BLACKPINK’s global promotions, so BLINK are curious how the synergy between the two agencies will manifest with BLACKPINK’s pending comeback.

Source: News1