BLACKPINK’s Unexpected Friendship With Harry Styles Gains Attention After They Pay For His Meal In Korea

Harry will be having a concert in Korea.

BLACKPINK is on an unparalleled level of success, so it’s no surprise that they rub shoulders with some of the world’s most famous stars. Harry Styles is no exception, with the “Watermelon Sugar” singer even attending one of BLACKPINK’s American tour dates. Jennie was also spotted grooving to Harry Style’s set at Coachella.

Perhaps that was where the connection was made, for when Harry Styles came to Korea on March 18, 2023, BLACKPINK made sure to make him feel welcome. Even though they could not personally welcome him upon arrival, it was later found out that BLACKPINK had not only recommended a restaurant to him but they had also pre-paid for his meal.

Harry in Seoul.

A Korean Harry Styles fan managed to hear about Harry’s visit from a worker at the restaurant.

1. He came to the restaurant in a Carnival van.

2. BLACKPINK recommended the restaurant.

3. BLACKPINK already pre-paid for him so when Harry was about to pay after eating, he got surprised.

4. He knows Sonny (Son Heung Min).

5. While the meat was being grilled, he talked to the service staff and replied all their questions and was totally sweet and friendly.

6. He’s vegan so he only ate the soybean paste stew and not the meat… but it was spicy so he couldn’t really enjoy it.

— @cami_bluu

The fan also shared an anecdote of how the waiter recommended mixing his rice with sauce and sesame oil and having it with egg rolls. Harry also signed autographs for everyone and took photos with the service staff.

Harry will have his concert at the KSPO Dome on March 20, 2023. We wonder if BLACKPINK will grace the halls with their presence!