BLACKPINK Holds Another English Interview, Says They Want To Perform In Front Of International Fans

BLACKPINK might really be performing in your area one day!

BLACKPINK has expressed their desire to perform in front of international BLINKs in a new interview with Billboard.

Jennie and Rosé, as fluent English speakers, took the lead in the interview. Jennie studied in New Zealand for five years and Rosé was born in Australia.


The girls were asked what they wanted to do now that their new music was released, and they didn’t hesitate to make it about their fans.

“We would love to have any opportunities that we can to perform in front of you guys, not just in Korea but maybe one day in front of everyone around the world.” — Jennie 


Rosé thanked fans for their support and said the girls hoped to see international BLINKs soon.

“To all our BLINKs around the world, thank you all so much for listening to and supporting our music. We hope to see you all soon.” — Rosé


The girls spoke about “DUU-DU DUU-DU”, explaining what the song’s strong visual images mean for the group.

“This time round we’re going for a much stronger look, which I think is portrayed mostly in the music video. We tried to pull off some looks that we wouldn’t have even imagined coming out with previously.” — Rosé


And Jisoo explained her scene in the “DUU-DU DUU-DU” MV where she is wearing a pink wig and being photographed by men wearing black masks.


Fans are super proud of the girls’s achievements and can’t deal with Rosé and Jennie’s cute accents!

  • “Omg! Rosé’s English is sooo adorable.”
  • “Jennie and Rose’s accent tho”
  • “I feel so blessed for this English interview. The questions were really nice and above all the girls looked so happy and relaxed, it really made me happy.”


Although some fans are wondering why Lisa didn’t speak much English throughout the interview.

  • “Awww Lisa is so cute being shy of speaking English”
  • “Lisa should be more confident in her English!!!! She speaks it so well.. but she always says away halfway even Jennie has told her before to stop doubting that she sounds really good.”


Watch the full clip here: