Popular Hollywood Actor Reveals He Had A Major Crush On BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Who can blame him?

A popular Hollywood actor has revealed that he had a huge crush on BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Since debuting, Jennie has always been the “IT Girl” and has showcased visuals, talent, elegance, and charisma.

With Jennie’s beauty and aura, it’s not surprising that everyone has a crush on the idol, both netizens and celebrities. One actor who gained attention by revealing that he had a crush on Jennie is Nicholas Galitzine.

Nicholas Galitzine | @nicholasgalitzine/Instagram

In a new interview with CQ Magazine, the actor spoke about his upcoming role in The Idea Of You, with Anne Hathaway, and the topic turned to music. Of course, Nicholas has always been open about his love of BTS, even citing them as an influence on his character, which was reiterated in the interview.

Although the actor shared how BTS inspired him, the comments about Jennie gained attention from fans. As well as explaining, “I love BLACKPINK,” the actor made a very strong and relatable statement about Jennie.

I very much had a crush on Jennie for a long time.

— Nicholas Galitzine

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Of course, with Jennie’s visuals, talent, and charm, it’s not a surprising comment, but the fact that Galitzine is a really hot topic right now makes it even more exciting.

While Galitzine has been vocal about his love for BTS in the past, his comments about Jennie are seemingly the first he has made about the idol in official media interviews. Yet, it shouldn’t seem too surprising as the actor was always quite vocal about his admiration for Jennie on social media. Although some posts have now been deleted (but netizens have the receipts),



One tweet still available shows that the actor thought Jennie had replied to him.

Both Jennie and Nicholas attended the 2024 MET Gala, so maybe they got a chance to interact.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Jennie definitely has a long list of admirers, and while Nicholas’s comment was past tense, nobody truly loses their feelings for the idol and her charm.

Source: GQ Magazine


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