BLACKPINK Inspires International Superstar Khalid In An Unexpected Way

Jennie said that they should do a video together.

BLACKPINK‘s global fame has led them to collaborate with some of the biggest stars in the world, like Selena GomezDua Lipa, Lady Gaga, and Cardi B.

The music video for BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” (with Selena Gomez) | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

They’ve also had celebrities falling in love with them, becoming their fans, and joining their fandom, BLINKs! One artist who was unafraid to show his love for BLACKPINK was Khalid, an accomplished singer in his own right, having sold millions of records worldwide. He posted pictures of meeting the girls backstage at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.

BLACKPINK with Khalid | @thegreatkhalid/Twitter

The short backstory of the photos was revealed in a vlog posted on BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel. After hugging each member, Khalid said, “Literally, you guys inspire me to learn choreos, do choreos.” Jennie replied, “We’re so down to do a video!


Khalid’s words brought a huge smile to all the faces of the girls! He went on to compliment their music videos and record-breaking songs. Like every BLINK, he couldn’t get the melodies out of his head!

Fans of both artists hope BLACKPINK and Khalid have the chance to collaborate in the future!

| @thegreatkhalid/Twitter

Watch BLACKPINK’s full vlog of the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards below. They meet Khalid at the 5:54 mark.


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