BLACKPINK’s Jennie Spills On What She’s Looking Forward To After The “BORN PINK” World Tour, Leading Fans To Believe Something Is In The Works

Fans have some suspicions about what it could be.

BLACKPINK are currently on their BORN PINK world tour, and fans love the members’ powerful and enthralling stages.

The tour highlights everything from Rosé‘s ethereal vocals…

Rosé | @allurelove_rose/Twitter

To Lisa‘s astounding dance skills…

Lisa | @LiFn0327/Twitter

Jisoo‘s breathtaking charisma…

Jisoo | @odd_0103/Twitter

And Jennie‘s captivating new song.

Jennie | @PaintItBlack_JN/Twitter

In the setlist, the members are performing many of their recently released songs from their BORN PINK album, which the group had diligently worked on for two years.


Although fans have been incredibly excited about all of BLACKPINK’s recent activities, many fans have been speculating about what the group’s future holds. Because BLACKPINK is approaching their contract renewal, which fans speculate will happen in June 2023, some fans believe that the members won’t resign with YG Entertainment and will instead go their separate ways.

However, future scheduled activities, like BLACKPINK’s headlining BST Hyde Park 2023 in London, gives fans hope that the members might be planning to renew their contracts and keep actively promoting together as a group.

But regardless of fans’ worries about BLACKPINK staying with or leaving YG Entertainment, Jennie is reassuring fans that they have much to look forward to.

Jennie was recently in ELLE KOREA for the magazine’s 30th anniversary, “The Icons” project. As always, fans were astounded by the idol’s elegant beauty.

And in an interview for ELLE KOREA, Jennie shared that she was “so honored to be in the archive” of the magazine.

It’s so surprising it’s the 30th anniversary. There were so many magnificent things before I was born, and I’m so honored to be in the archive.

— Jennie

Of course, in the interview, Jennie drew attention to BLACKPINK, suggesting that her “most iconic lyrics” was the group’s well-known phrase.

When asked about “The most symbolic moment of the year,” Jennie again focused on BLACKPINK, promoting their world tour.

Probably our comeback. BLACKPINK is on a world tour soon.

— Jennie

Jennie explained that one of the reasons she is so looking forward to the world tour is that afterward, she’ll “be able to grow once more.”

After the journey, I think I’ll be able to grow once more, so I’m looking forward to it.

— Jennie

Some fans are hopeful that this means after their world tour, Jennie will be having a comeback as a solo artist, which certainly seems plausible since she’s currently performing a yet-unreleased song on their tour.

But regardless of how Jennie grows, there’s no denying she’ll keep being extremely successful as a member of BLACKPINK, an idol, an actress, a model, and whatever else she attempts.



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