Netizens Are Shook By BLACKPINK Jennie’s Skinny Figure Behind The Scenes Of Calvin Klein

“I’m so jealous of her waistline…”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently released a behind-the-scenes vlog modeling her Calvin Klein collection.

After getting fixing any details that needed to be altered, Jennie was ready to show off the stunning collection and began with a beige two-piece set.

Next up was one of her fastest items to sell out, the iconic purple knit dress. However, Jennie revealed it’s one of the few pieces that properly fits her own body!

With her tiny waist, it’s hard to find clothes fit her properly.

This was evident in her other looks, including a sports bra that showed off her flat stomach and enviable curves.

Netizens where shocked to realize just how skinny Jennie is in various scenes where she modeled the lilac crop top…

…and beige bodysuit.

Netizens flooded the comments in disbelief over her tiny figure.

  • “Jennie is skinny…”
  • “No but how does her waist curve like that in the first photo? So fascinating…”
  • “Wow look at her bones…”
  • “I’m jealous of her body”
  • “Wow…”
  • “Wow…. she’s so skinny…”
  • “I’m so jealous of her waistline…and her shoulder line…no I’m just jealous of everything about Jennie🥹”
  • “Wow her waistline…”
  • “Wow so skinny”
| Instiz

It’s clear that Jennie works hard to maintain her thin physique!

Check out the full video below.

Source: Instiz


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