Koreans Are On The Fence About BLACKPINK Jennie’s Look At The 76th Cannes Film Festival

They still think she’s adorable.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie attended the 76th Cannes Film Festival to celebrate The Idol, a Hollywood drama that she starred in. She strolled up to the red carpet in a princess-like white lace dress with black accents.

She matched her hairband to the organza sleeves.

She looked like a pretty princess or an expensive kitty!

The bell-line of the dress accentuated her small waist.

Of course, her luxurious collarbones were on show with the bardot neckline.

Her makeup was kept super simple with neutrals.

Korean netizens fawned over her, adoring her cute personality.

Korean netizens’ reactions. | theqoo
  • Cute kekeke
  • She’s lovely and cute.
  • She looks somewhat tired.
  • She’s cute, but the state of the photos ain’t it.
  • She’s like a doll.

On the other hand, many were critical of her makeup. While the dress made her look like a princess, her makeup left much to be desired.

Korean netizens’ reactions. | theqoo
  • I think her dress was from Chanel, but the makeup they did for her looks like she aged five years from her usual. But I think I know why they did it. I think they tried to match the time period [of the dress’ style] and made it look classic.
  • She’s a total princess.
  • She’s so pretty. She suits it so well.
  • She looks like Alice. The makeup is a pity, though.
  • F*cking pretty.
  • Sigh. I hate how the hot topic posts always criticize someone’s looks. It’s just yesterday or something that I saw a post saying that commenting one looks tired is rude. Nothing has changed.
  • The hair, makeup, and styling are a pity. Jennie is pretty though.
  • I’m someone who has only ever left comments about how pretty Jennie is, but today’s makeup and outfit are kinda weird.

Although the nude lip and neutral eye makeup may look older and off to the Korean audience who enjoy youthful looks, the makeup certainly suits the time period and style of her dress! Congratulations to Jennie for her small screen debut.

Source: theqoo


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