BLACKPINK’s Jennie Explains Why She Loves Capybaras So Much

She even shared a childhood dream job of hers.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie explained her love for the furry little creatures of the Earth on a recent episode of Knowing Bros. It has been her longtime dream, since she was a child, to actually work at a zoo. She decided on this when she was younger, after she stumbled upon a video of a zookeeper working with baby pandas!

A group of baby pandas were napping on a huge blanket, while their zookeeper was busy catching pandas that strayed to bring them back. She had found that video so adorable that she made up her mind to work in a zoo.

She also shared that she had long loved the capybara, even prior to their music video filming. In fact, she had told their music video director about her admiration for the fluffy animal, resulting in him bringing one on the set for “Ice Cream”.

Jennie showed off her love for the creature as she explained that it was the most sociable animal on Earth. Due to its sociability, it can make friends with any animal.

Jennie shared that the capybara itself would stay still even when other animals approached. It doesn’t even panic when faced with an alligator!

Here’s the capybara’s cameo in the music video for “Ice Cream”! Jennie looks ecstatic to be with it!

Strangely enough, the capybara has the snout of a rabbit, the tail of a pig, feet like that of a bird’s and fur like a hedgehog. Jennie absolutely adores the mysterious animal!

No wonder she was so happy on the set of “Ice Cream”. Although her original childhood dream didn’t work out, we’re sure she’s glad to have achieved her dreams of becoming a singer instead. Check out how she gushes over animals in the clip below.